Saturday, December 31, 2011

BESteam shop promotions for the week of 12/25

Well today is the last day of the year - New Years Eve. WOW! Another year has gone by without my realizing how fast it went. It seems as if  Last New Year's eve was only yesterday! How time flies!
I was assigned to promote some of my friends' shops this week. Here are some beautiful items I have found. You can still try to buy them on 2011, because tomorrow it will be 2012 and 2011 will never be back again (LOL)! OK - if you buy from these shops on 2012 , I am quite sure that the shop owners will welcome you very warmly too! Oh Yeah!

I have chosen a Leather Journal Gift Set - Orange Journal . They were handmade with love by the shop owner. A wonderful birthday,holiday or even wedding gift for family, friends or co-workers.
It is created from  burnt orange lambskin leather and has 128 paper pages in it. All other information with regard to this item  you will find in the TheOrangeWindmill shop

The next shop I've visited today is AbsolutelyKismet. From this shop I have chosen this lovely orange swirtl  glass pendant  It is a large orange swirl glass pendant and hangs on a 14.5"(approx. 37cm) braided hemp choker. It  measures 2" by 1.5". The clasp is in the traditional hemp necklace style of using random hardware bits; in this case, a wingnut will ensure your necklace never comes off until you want it to. Very decorative and special .

In this shop you will find beautiful and colorful Mini bow duos which are great for infants, toddlers, pigtails and even adults! These 2-1/2" bows are on lined alligator clips and can be worn individually to hold back bangs or as an adornment to a ponytail. The awesome colors will be wonderful to wear on all seasons. I have chosen this one mini-bow-duo-retro-style-flowers-on.

I hope you will agree with me that all these three chosen  items will make great gifts for all occasions!

See you next year!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boosting Etsy Shops Team - The week of 12/18

Only in November it was so cold and rainy, and now the weather is hot and dry, almost as in a summer's day. I guess
 these drastic changes in the weather have caused many of us here to contract colds and the flu, and I am one of the honored! The thing is, I've become rather spoiled. I had not had a cold for the last 4 years. Thought God loved me too much for this! But - this time the flu got me so that I was not really  prepared !!  Surprise surprise - I am just as human as any one else around... - Ach...(sorry - that was a sneeze!!). Dear Almighty, what have I done to deserve this??!!

But there is no Bad without any Good, as you probably know. At least this cold allows me to stay home (thank God the Christmas Sale craze is over) and attend to my BESTeam shop members:

 I have just chosen a most lovely Cayenne hand painted silk ruana. Truth is I had trouble deciding which one to choose, as all of Joyflower's items are something to have. It is a combination of bright red hot colors from Crimson to Tomato red..A a wearable art item and one of a kind, made of the best silk,and you will look fabulous in it! Will go with any outfit. 

Cayenne hand painted silk ruana

Big Turquoise Rosette

As I searched on, I entered Our home to Yours shop Among many home made and vintage items I found this most charming  Set of 6 vintage porcelain coffee cups, circa 1960, stamped on the bottom, "Autumn Song, Royal Domino Collection, Japan".These cups are in mint condition and in their original box. 
 I love the delicacy of this set. The design is unique!

Set of 6 vintage porcelain coffee cups
The fourth shop CKSilver has some of the loveliest bead and silver necklaces . As I adore moonstone beads I chose this gorgeous necklace called moonlight sonata moonstone and green. It is created of brilliant rainbow moonstone 4mm beads, green Jasper 6mm beads and sterling silver on a very strong flexible wire. The clasp is a classic toggle clasp.

Moonstone necklace

Well now dears . I am going to sit in the sun for a while!  Hope this will help!

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